I'm a FullStack developer specialized in modern frontend stack including tecnologies like AngularJS, Sass, LESS, Gulp or Webpack.

Passionate about technology and design, I try to converge both skills through programming websites and web applications.

Author and maintainer of Kilt ᴊs (collection of useful js libraries) and nitro (task runner for nodejs -like gulp or grunt-)


Master native JavaScript is a must to build high-quality low level coding stuff.

Wide experience developing Angular apps from scratch. Using and creating custom tools to automatize develoment work.

Node is the perfect swiss knife for creating build tools. I usually use libraries like Gulp, Grunt or my personal-built library nitro.


nitro is a node build library, like grunt or gulp, focused in frontend stack. Includes preset configuration for processing sass, less, postcss, uglify, browserify, babel, eslint, jslint, etc.

Kilt ᴊs is a collection of common libraries for building custom frontend apps (like a LEGO). This includes libraries for DOM manipulation, ajax or promises.

Set of sass components that includes mixins and functions that can be used in any sass based proyect. Find out more about sasslets in github.

2015 - today
Frontend Lead for the promising startup Aplazame.
  • angular
  • sass
  • gulp
  • webpack
  • nitro
  • vuejs
2014 - 2015
Best wishes for all the team!

may 2014 - august 2015
Frontend Lead and initial frontend developer for creating the new apps for the brand Surex Direct, like the new landing page, the customer wizard form, and a CMS for the insurance brokers
  • angular
  • sass
  • bootstrap 3
  • grunt

march 2014 - may 2014
Frontend developer Abroadster
  • bootstrap 3
  • backbone
  • coffeescript
  • brunch
2013 - 2014
Frontend developer, responsible of main js and css files for the project HP AIDA (shift management software)
  • bootstrap 2
  • jquery
  • css3
2011 - 2013
I left my previous job as telecomunications engineer with the goal of became a professional developer.
In order to get this, I've being working in personal projects, like doomus

Developed with php and VanillaJS, doomus.me is a homepage to keep all personal bookmarks available in any browser anywhere.
  • vanillajs
  • php
2006 - 2011
Supervisor operator for Endesa spain telecomunications network. Managing nodes of different tecnologies like fiber optic, telephony, IP and much more.
  • SDH
  • PDH
  • RDSI